Diagnostic Imaging Marketing Hack: Setting up Click-To-Call On Your Website

Your diagnostic imaging marketing doesn’t mean much if your phone number isn’t easy to call. A phone call is the main method of contact for most imaging centers and the phone number is most often found online.

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How many people actually call a business after finding it on the web?

In a study of 3,000 people, 61% of mobile users call after a local business search.

Click-to-call makes it easy for your patients, physicians, and website visitors to call your imaging center by simply tapping the phone number on their mobile device.

Some devices may be able to recognize the phone number automatically, but without setting up click-to-call in your HTML code, you’ll be leaving many people to have to copy and paste the number or write it down to call. This often means the difference between gaining and missing out on a new patient.

The good news is that your phone number can be optimized in less time than it takes to fill out the new patient paperwork in the waiting room. If you or someone on your team has a little HTML experience, you can knock this out in no time. If not, you can reach out to the company that developed your website to request they add this functionality.

Creating Click-To-Call Using Text

To add click-to-call functionality to your website without a button, you can add the following tag directly into an HTML code, replacing the 5555555555 with your center’s phone number without spaces or dashes.:

<a href="tel:5555555555">Call Us</a>

In this example, the text “Call Us” will be what visitors to your site see. You can replace this with the phone number its self or any other text you’d like to display.

Creating Click-To-Call Using an Image

If you have a phone icon or the number displayed as an image, you can create a click-to-call button using the following code and replace the 5555555555 with your phone number and also replace the https://www.domain.com/files/phone-icon.jpg with the file path for the image you’d like to use.

<a href="tel:5555555555"><img src="https://www.domain.com/files/phone-icon.jpg"></a>

 Testing Your Click-To-Call

Anytime you make a change to your site, you’ll need to test it. Test your click-to-call function by pulling up the site on a variety of different phones to make sure everything is displayed correctly and of course that the call can be made successfully.

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