Focus On The Ladies For Your Radiology Marketing Strategy

Women are still the dominant force in caregiving. And this can give healthcare providers an ‘in’ when trying to secure a family’s ongoing…matronage.

The times are ever-changing. Yet some things are slower to change or may never change. Go ahead, insert your favorite ‘politicians’ joke. I’ll wait.»   Continue Reading

The Order of Importance of Digital Marketing Tasks

We’re going to go through our ranking, from most to least important, for nine different aspects of digital marketing.

Priorities. No matter what you’re doing, there’s always something more important to be done. Unless, of course, you know the order of importance from the outset.»   Continue Reading

15 Radiology Marketing Ideas to Help You Launch Your Diagnostics Facility Into the Stratosphere

When you’re starting up a new diagnostics imaging facility, you have to be prepared to hit the ground running. Construction and staffing are just the beginning of the beginning. You then have to book appointments and start bringing in patients and revenue. That MRI won’t pay for itself.
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How to Get More Revenue For An Imaging Center

Working in the healthcare industry in modern times is a constant balancing act. Leading in the healthcare industry now is a balancing act on a tightrope stretched over a pit of lava while juggling the most priceless things in the world: the lives and livelihoods of thousands of people.
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How to Start a Diagnostic Center

If you’re considering starting a diagnostic imaging center yourself, you’ll want to first consider IF you should begin working toward opening an imaging center, HOW TO BEGIN your process for planning out this mammoth endeavor, and WHAT IT WILL TAKE in the end to get the center up and running and, most importantly, profitable.»   Continue Reading

How To Design And Print Referral Cards To Market Your Diagnostic Center

Many diagnostic imaging centers print referral cards for providers, which they can give to patients that they refer to your facility.

If you’re not providing referral cards or pamphlets to your referring physicians, now is a great time to start.»   Continue Reading

4 Fundamental Radiology Marketing Strategies

Sales and marketing in diagnostics is an area that has become increasingly challenging and complex. A clear picture of your current situation, your goals, and the path of least resistance to reach those goals is crucial. There’s more to it than making a list of strategies and jumping right in. Trial and error lead to time and money lost unnecessarily.»   Continue Reading

Diagnostic Imaging Marketing Hack: Setting up Click-To-Call On Your Website

Your diagnostic imaging marketing doesn’t mean much if your phone number isn’t easy to call. A phone call is the main method of contact for most imaging centers and the phone number is most often found online. »   Continue Reading

Diagnostic Imaging Marketing Emails Can Be An Effective Method of Getting More Patients & Referrals

Email can be an effective marketing method for imaging centers. Whether you’re currently sending out emails, or not, this article will explain exactly what you should write about, who you should send to, and much more.»   Continue Reading