Email Signature Tricks for Diagnostic Imaging Marketing

When it comes to diagnostic imaging marketing, there are several tactics to get you noticed. One of the simplest, yet often overlooked, is having a good email signature.

A Good Email Signature Is an Easily Accessible Tool in Your Diagnostic Imaging Marketing Strategy Toolkit

According to Sumo, the average person receives 124 business related emails per day. That’s a lot of competition. When it comes to diagnostic imaging marketing, there are several tactics to get you noticed. One of the simplest, yet often overlooked, is having a good email signature.

Below we will show you how an effective email signature can be created in a matter of minutes.

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How a Simple Addition to Your Email Signature Can Generate Sustained Interest and More Patient Referrals

Radiology Marketing Strategy: All aspects of marketing your diagnostic center should aim to be memorable.  If your signature doesn’t stand out and provide useful information to your reader, you could be missing out on connecting with your community and getting new patient referrals.

So, what does a memorable email signature need?

Most imaging centers have the minimum. This includes:

  1. Your Full Name
  2. Your Diagnostic & Imaging Center’s Address
  3. Your Diagnostic & Imaging Center’s Website

That’s a great start, but here’ what you really need for radiology marketing strategy:

  1. A link to your Imaging Center’s Facebook Page and other Business Profiles
  2. Your Title or Position
  3. Your Logo
  4. Your Email Address (yes, I said that)

Here are 3 key email steps below to pique the interest of a Referring Physician

1. Add Your Email Address to Your Email Signature

It’s funny how a  little thing like this can have such an impact.  Most people feel that it is redundant to add your email address to your signature.  Actually, you are making it easier for your referring physician to save your information and remember who you are.  

This technique sets you apart from those other 123 emails your reader is getting today. 

Email signature diagnostic imaging marketing

2. Make Sure Your Email Signature is Branded In Line Your Other Radiology Marketing Efforts

Your email signature is a form of branding which is key to any diagnostic imaging marketing strategy.  Just as you would take into consideration font size, type, and color on a piece of marketing collateral, use the same principle here too.  Color plays a big part.  Change the font color of your name to match the branding of your facility.  This helps it stand out and adds consistency to your overall marketing.

Go a step further and change the font color of your title and email address to match your name.  This helps your referring physicians quickly identify what they need in a well-organized signature. Another benefit of adding color to portions of your signature is that it will break up your name, title, and website from the middle portion featuring your business address.

Remember to test your color on multiple devices to be sure it is clearly visible.

radiology marketing strategy

3. Get Creative With Your Layout

Who says your email signature has to read like a standard line-by-line paragraph? Actually, you can get your referring physician’s attention by being creative in unique ways.  For example, add your facility’s logo to your signature and move it out to the right of your contact information. Enlarge your logo to cover ⅔ of the signature.  Since we read from left to right, your contact information is the first that is read and your logo is the last.  Embed a link to your website within your logo for an interesting Call to Action.

diagnostic imaging marketing

Want To Kick Your Diagnostics Imaging Marketing Into High Gear?

The tips above cover a lot. But there is so much more you can do! Incorporating effective emails into your diagnostic imaging marketing plan means using what you have to your advantage.

Use Your Radiology Blog in Your Email Signature to Generate Added Interest.

To really stand out, consider adding

  1. Your Headshot
  2. A Link to your Blog
  3. A Link to a relevant article on your Blog
  4. A featured image from your Blog as your link

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It’s the little things that matter is a phrase that holds true in many instances. Your mail signature is one of them.  By making just a few small adjustments, you will set yourself apart from your diagnostic imaging marketing competition, increasing the chances of your diagnostic and imaging facility being remembered, thus creating an increased chance of new business with referring physicians.

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